Ford Ranger XLT 2019 review

July 2, 2019

Ford’s 2018 launch of its 2019 Ranger (or PX III) brought numerous upgrades and refinements, headlined by the availability of AEB and Ford’s new twin-turbo 2.0-litre diesel engine with 10-speed auto being available as an option in the upper-shelf XLT and top-shelf Wildtrak variants. This new engine and transmission made its Ranger debut in the Baja-inspired Raptor, which has earned widespread praise for its ‘desert racer’ chassis tuning and criticism of its underwhelming engine choice in equal...

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News Update

April 11, 2019

Our Manufacturer Service survey return winners for this quarter were John and Mary MacMillan. The $250 cash prize draw was presented by Wayne Phillis. Congratulations John and Mary on your win!   The next draw will be in July and results published on our website on Wednesday July 17th.   Don’t forget – if you receive and return a manufacturers survey after a visit to our Service Department,  your Name will go into our Quarterly...

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